Actor portfolio – Kieran McDonnell

My first studio photo shoot for an actor portfolio. Kieran McDonnell is a member of Tobar Na Rún theatre company, that I’ve collaborated with before on various projects. He wanted to get some new head shots, but we also decided to try something slightly different, play with different looks and costumes.

A few of these I took purely for my own portfolio, because Kieran’s face is so different and responds so well to low-key lighting. I know that some of these portraits break the ‘rules’ of photography, but again, I personally like the effect created by shooting a person dressed in black on the dark background. Their body might disappear completely, leaving only the most important part emerging from the darkness…

These are taken with a Canon 550D and two lenses (18-55mm and 70-200mm) in RAW format. All post-produciton is done in Photoshop CS5, although I try to keep that to a minimum and only work with levels plus a bit of dodging/burning here and there. There is still a lot to learn on the technical side but the four hour process of engaging with a creative person was very interesting, rewarding and just a lot of fun.

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