Dublin Dance Festival 2014

Dublin Dance Festival 2014 was an anniversary tenth one and the first one for me to work on as a photographer.

The festival opened with TUNDRA by Emma Martin Dance described in the media as Coen Brothers meets David Lynch with the fantastic and overwhelming Oonagh Doherty  in the lead. The shadow play on the walls of Samuel Beckett Theatre made this photoshoot a great opening experience.


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Second and longest shoot was on BODIES IN URBAN SPACES – a work by an Austrian choreographer Willi Dorner. 

20 locally recruited performers created a chain of colourful and unexpected installations along a specially chosen route through Dublin, starting at the Lir, going through St. Stephen Green part and ending up near Christ Church Cathedral. Live body sculptures were set up quickly before the acrobatic performers disengaged themselves and move on, running from one location to another. 

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Andersson Dance brought over a dark Swedish fairy-tale with incredible display of technique and a sound track plucked straight from the wild….

NAME OF THE NEXT SONG by Andersson Dance

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BRUIT DE COULOIR by Clement Dazin

What are our fears? What are our desires? In Bruit de couloir, French dance and circus artist Clément Dazin leads the audience on a poetic journey through the stages of life, using a mix of contemporary dance, hip hop and his own unique style of juggling.



EL PLIEGUE by Sonia Sanchez 

Catalan performer Sònia Sánchez pushes the limits of the traditional flamenco form to create her own furious, passionate dance language. In El Pliegue (the bow), she explores each fold and unfold as her body bends and stretches to sounds, silences, melodies, discords, passions and understandings. 

Sonia became my discovery and inspiration – her energy is so overwhelming, raw and strong the only thought I had after the performance was: “When I grow up I want to be like her…”


RETURN TO ABSENCE by Arcane Collective


SWING by Fishamble


SMASHED by the Gandini Juggling  – With satirical innuendo, references to Pina Bausch and crazy chaos breaking out on stage and sarcastic cries like ‘This show is shit – it’s funded by the Arts Council’ or ‘Look! A girl juggler!’ This was definitely not a usual kids circus show…


And finally, the highlight of the festival – STILL CURRENT by Russell Maliphant’s dance company proves  that it’s impossible to express in writing what you can in dance. If before I only heard the saying that art can change your life, this time it actually did change mine…


People of the Festival

Festivals experience is really all about the people who make up the team – DDF proved to be a small and cosy ‘family’ with Paul aka. Mama Fonteyn making it unforgettable for all of us.

Till next year…

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