Dublin Fringe Festival 2014

Dublin Fringe Festival 2014 opened with ‘Harp – A River Cantata’ an outdoor performance on the Samuel Beckett bridge with an orchestra, a choir, drummers, dancers and some impressive light/sound/water show poured over the viewers.

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Riuchi – A Tale of Ancient Lights, described as:

“A search for destiny in Asian Legend. This is a story told through the skilled movements of the artist. Through the performer’s use of modern LED technology this solo performance invites the audience away to another land, in another time.”



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The Lost Hours:

“Fifty years ago, a young man was the final victim in an infamous series of horrific murders, but his is the only story surrounded by silence. Why? This is dance-meets-theatre, a fiction made from truth. It is a tender investigation, a defiant elegy, and a provocative exploration of how to talk about this story.”

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And my personal favourite – charcoal and humour infused work by ‘Sad Sam Lucky’ – a collision between a choreographer and a dead poet, created and performed by Croatian artist Matija Ferlin.

“With billowing coal dust, explosive words and electric movement this is a highly physical and turbulent tribute to one of the Balkan regions’ leading avant-garde authors, Srečko Kosovel. Sad Sam means ‘I am’ in Croatian, and Sad Sam Lucky is part of Matija’s trilogy of works.”

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