Fusion in Motion

FUSION IN MOTION was an eclectic dance project showcase in Smock Alley Theatre that fused Eastern and Western dance practices, bringing together some of the best Irish and International dance artists.  It featured 39 dancers from a variety of world dance culture – from Indian, flamenco and Middle Eastern to classical Russian ballet, contemporary, street dance and yoga. One of the highlights of the show was an acclaimed UK dance artist Alexis Southhall. 

My piece was a new experiment with more contemporary type of movement and was inspired by the beautiful tracks ‘Fire’ and ‘Poem of Atoms’ by Armand Amar (OST to the film ‘Bab’Aziz’). ‘Poem of the Atoms’ sung by Salar Aghili is written by the famous Sufi poet Mowlana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi-Rumi (or simply Rumi) who has been my inspiration both spiritually and in dance from early years. Both music and lyrics offer such rich and complex ground for exploration, and I’m hoping to one day do it justice with movement as well.



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photography Mike Burnham - Qoda Photograpic


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