Know. Flow. Dance



‘Flow’ – that state of intense focus

and crisp sense of clarity where you forget yourself,
lose track of time, and feel like you’re part of something larger.


2015 brought some new exciting projects and collaborations. First one of them is Know.Flow – an experiment bordering on dance and physical theatre and something else. It was born out of desire for a warm touch, for connection and in search of whatever it is we are all unconsciously seeking in creative practice.

Our first project is ‘Warm Edges’ – a 30 minute movement story of urban loneliness, connection and possibilities between people. It was performed on the 23rd January in the Project Arts Centre in Dublin, as part of the Theatre Machine 4 Festival (Theatre Club).

In this work we wanted to explore what happens when something, a stranger, throws us out of balance. It can start with eye contact, and once the contact is made, both have a choice to walk away or stay. If they stay, this contact opens possibilities for more – power struggle, insecurity, vulnerability, fear, tenderness, sympathy, joy, surrender, understanding and love. If the real connection is made, like chemical elements, both are changed.


(rehearsal trailer)


Collaborators on this project were: Tomas Kizelis (dramaturg), Nadia Gativa (performer/creative producer), Rachel Sheil (dancer/choreographer), Mateusz Szczerek (dancer/choreographer), Kamile Ciapaite (dancer/actor), Jack Beglin (actor/facilitator). 

As always, I am open for working with various people, so if you are not scared of physical contact – get in touch (pun intended).


*image by Ana Luna Photography 

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