Science Gallery – Magical Materials

Science Gallery is a public science centre at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Opened in 2008 and housed in Trinity’s Naughton Institute, it holds various exhibitions and lectures with a view to science outreach and art-science collaborations. Unlike most science centres, it has no permanent collection, but rather a series of 4-6 temporary exhibitions each year. Recently, Science Gallery opened MAKESHOP — a pop-up experiment and a new collaborative workshop space where you can learn everything from cross-stitching to DIY robotics.

If like me you used to hate science in school (but love watching ‘Big Bang Theory’), it might change your attitude forever. During a few months that I worked there, I’ve never felt more curious and excited about science and the world around me. Not to mention a lot of great (and free) events, talks and the ever-so-inspiring TEDxDublin that Science Gallery hosts.

These are some photos I took for the past exhibition ‘Magical Materials’. More about the Magical Materials exhibition can be found here.

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