‘Seven Lives for Liberty’ theatre production

The ‘Seven Lives For Liberty’ production is an independent theatrical tribute in drama and music to the seven signatories to the 1916 Proclamation of Independence.

The show includes dramatic vignettes and visuals depicting pivotal moments in the lives of the seven members of the 1916 Provisional Government, as well as seven new tribute songs written and performed by singer songwriter Pat Waters.

I came into this project early on as a visual artist. Playwright Frank Allen and James Connolly Heron,the great-grandson of James Connolly, came up with the idea to illustrate each of the songs with photo images from the lives of the seven signatories. In the process of working on the script, we also decided to include video footage. We created a dramatic opening and  that would, via projection on a screen, take the audiences onto the streets of Dublin before the revolution, then guide them through the Easter rising and show the Dublin after bombing and destruction.

In general, the work took about three months, and involved a lot of digging in the archives, looking for rare photographs from the relatives of the signatories, scanning, restoring images in Photoshop and assembling everything in Final Cut Pro. It was an interesting project to be involved in… It introduced to the ‘new theatre’ where the use of multimedia aids the performance, as well as the art of seamless rear projection, which had me in panic before each performance.

Not to mention how interesting it was to work with some great actors and crew, watch them rehearse, prepare, play and share their experience. Even though I was busy operating my two laptops behind the stage, I couldn’t help but take some photos as well…

After the play was premiered in Liberty Hall, I made a short trailer, including some of the projection footage, songs and dramatic vignettes, that might give you an idea of what it was about.

So far there has been two performances – one in the Liberty Hall Theatre Dublin in April 2012, and in The Town Hall Theatre Galway on 15th November 2012 in recognition of Eamonn Ceannt (Glenamaddy). The relatives of the seven signatories have agreed to be the Patrons of Seven Lives For Liberty. Hopefully, by 2016 anniversary of the Easter Rising we will go on a tour around Ireland!

For more information, photos and theatre performance dates see https://www.facebook.com/SevenLivesForLiberty

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